Welcome speech of EURHODIP President 

Eurhodip is very proud to announce the 2016 Eurhodip conference in Yerevan, Armenia. Armenia is a landlocked country with Turkey to the west and Georgia to the north; Armenia boasts a history longer than most other European count- ries. Armenia is one of the earliest Christian civilizations; its first churches were founded in the fourth century. It was the first country in the world to officially embrace Christianity as its religion (A.D.301).  Read more

Yerevan mayor's welcome speech

Dear guests of Yerevan, Mr. Cees Van Der Klip and members of EURHODIP international association, Welcome to our capital and thank you for holding the 23rd EURHODIP conference in Yerevan. It is a great honor for us to host participants of the international prestigious conference in Yerevan. This is a unique opportunity for representatives of tourism to discuss and share their experience and knowledge with their foreign partners.
Tourism industry is developing rapidly in Armenia and year by year the number of tourists is increasing. There are many academic institutions in Yerevan, which prepare specialists for   this field. The most prestigious among them is Armenian Institute of Tourism,
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Welcome speech of Minister of Education and Science of Armenia

I am delighted to warmly welcome all the organizers, participants and the guests of the international 23rd annual conference «Eurhodip 2016» in Yerevan, one of the most ancient cities of the world, the capital of Armenia.
The young Armenian state which has a long history and culture which stretches back to many thousand years, prioritizes tourism as one of the major directions of its development, and that is why, this conference has a paramount importance for our country.
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AIT Rector's welcome speech

It is a great honour for the Armenian Institute of Tourism to host the 23rd Eurhodip Conference for the first time. Armenia is a country created for tourism by God, and ‘’the first tourist’’ - Noah knew where to rest. Tourism is fixed by law as a priority area of the economy. It is confirmed by the annual increase of the number of incoming tourists, development of infrastructure, geographic expansion of coming countries.  Read more

DFA Executive Director's welcome speech

It is a great privilege for the Development Foundation of Armenia (DFA), in collaboration with the Armenian Institute of Tourism, to be hosting the 23rd annual international EURHODIP conference in Yerevan. The slogan for this year’s conference is Tourism Education: On the Road to New Destinations, and Armenia is indeed a very new destination for many. Read more